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Training Health Professionals On Pa Infographic 5.12.23

New #8Investments infographics to support health professionals with physical activity messaging for their patients

ISPAH has teamed up with the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (UK government) and Sport England to expand the Eight Investments resources.

Healthcare is one of ISPAHs Eight Investments that Work for Physical Activity.

Prioritising Physical Activity Actions

10 Ways to Prioritise Physical Activity Actions

A guide to provide decision makers with ideas on how to prioritise and start implementing physical activity actions.

The guide acknowledges that ideally a range of actions should be implemented together, but realistically this isn’t always possible.

8 Invest Thumbnail

ISPAH’s Eight Investments That Work for Physical Activity | #8Investments

A call to action for everyone, everywhere, including professionals, academics, civil society and decision makers, to embed physical activity in national and subnational policies.
Bkk Declaration Image

The Bangkok Declaration on Physical Activity for Global Health and Sustainable development

Tortono Charter Picture

The Toronto Charter for Physical Activity: A Global Call to Action

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Investments that work for physical activity

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