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ISPAH actively fosters strategic partnerships aligning with its core mission to advance physical activity as a global health priority. The society’s commitment to excellence in science (research), education, capacity building, and advocacy resonates across its portfolio of partnerships. Our longest standing partnership is with the Journal of Physical Activity and Health (JPAH), which serves as an outlet for the dissemination of high-quality research. Our partnership with the Prospective Physical Activity, Sitting, and Sleep Consortium (ProPASS) seeks to strengthen research and capacity on physical activity, sedentary behavior and sleep, particularly in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs). Our partnerships with the Active Health Kids Global Alliance (AHKGA) and the Global Observatory for Physical Activity (Go-PA!) enable a collaborative approach towards the production of country report card indicators, for children and adults respectively, which are key advocacy tools for the field. 


Through these strategic partnerships, ISPAH significantly amplifies its impact, fostering the dissemination of impactful research, inclusive initiatives, and advocacy for physical activity and improved health on a global scale. These multifaceted partnerships not only broaden ISPAH’s outreach across a range of stakeholders and groups, but also propel the society closer to its vision of creating a world where opportunities for physical activity and active living are universally accessible, solidifying the path towards a more active and healthier global community.

Active Partnerships

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ISPAH and ProPASS are excited to enter a long-term partnership aimed at addressing critical gaps in the evidence base on the health effects of physical activity and sedentary behavior that is used for global and national guidelines development. The partnership…
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Journal of Physical Activity and Health

ISPAH and the Journal of Physical Activity and Health (JPAH) have been in partnership since the society’s inception in 2008. As the official journal of ISPAH, JPAH offers society members a premier scholarly journal for publishing their best physical activity…

The Global Observatory for Physical Activity

ISPAH is excited to partner with The Global Observatory for Physical Activity (GoPA!). This strategic alliance allows for joint efforts that contribute towards key shared priorities of both partners, including global physical activity surveillance, research dissemination, knowledge translation, capacity building,…
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Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance

ISPAH and AHKGA are united in their commitment to support young people to be physically active. In 2022, ISPAH established a partnership with Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance (AHKGA) focused on supporting physically active lifestyles in children and youth through thought…
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