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ISPAH Fellows

ISPAH Fellows

The ISPAH Fellow title is awarded to people who have made an outstanding contribution to the Society and the field of physical activity and health. On this page, we provide a list of ISPAH fellows, along with a summary of their contributions.

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Fiona Bull

ISPAH Fellow since 2022

Fiona is an inaugural ISPAH Fellow. Her contribution to the Society originated from her role as Chair of ‘Global Advocacy for Physical Activity’, which later became the Advocacy Council of ISPAH. As Chair of the Global Advocacy initiative Fiona led the development of the Toronto Charter for Physical Activity and 7 Best Investments.

Fiona was President of ISPAH from 2014 – 2016. In this role she continued her advocacy efforts, leading the development of the Bangkok Declaration on Physical Activity. Soon after her term as President, Fiona moved to the World Health Organization Headquarters, where she led several important advancements for the field including the Global Action Plan on Physical Activity 2018 – 2030.

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Wendy Brown

ISPAH Fellow since 2022

Wendy is an inaugural ISPAH Fellow. She was an original board member when ISPAH was founded in 2006, with responsibility for the development of policies and protocols, including the membership system and the establishment of JPAH as the Society’s journal. She has contributed to a wide range of ISPAH activities including being co-chair of the ISPAH Congress in Sydney in 2012 and has supported many early career researchers to get involved with ISPAH and serve on the Board.

Wendy played a significant role in many important developments in the field including leading the development of the 2014 Australian Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines for Adults and the 2021 Australian Guidelines on Physical Activity during pregnancy.

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Bill Kohl

ISPAH Fellow since 2022

Bill is an inaugural ISPAH Fellow, being granted fellowship status in 2022. He conceived the idea of establishing a global society on physical activity, which was realised with the support of a small board.

Bill was the inaugural President of the Society and served in that role from 2010 – 2014. In establishing the Society, Bill also established the ISPAH journal, the Journal of Physical Activity and Health. This was one of the first journals devoted specifically and exclusively to the field of physical activity and health and remains a popular journal among researchers in the field.

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Trevor Shilton

ISPAH Fellow since 2022

Trevor is an inaugural ISPAH Fellow. He took over as the ISPAH Lead for Advocacy in 2014, having already contributed to a range of ISPAH advocacy outputs including the Toronto Charter for Physical Activity and 7 Best Investments.

Trevor has led major advancements in the field of physical activity, including his own research, through policy and in practice. Trevor mentored and supported the development of the next generation of physical activity advocates, through training, resources and informal mentoring.

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