8 Investments Community Hub

8 Investments Community Hub

Whole-School Programmes

Programmes that engage school communities to provide students with multiple physical activity opportunities throughout the day have benefits for academic development and classroom behaviour.

Active Travel

Transport policies that support walking, cycling and public transport induce demand for active travel which has multiple co-benefits to the achievement of the sustainable development goals.

Active Urban Design

Policies that support equitable access to parks, local amenities and better walking, cycling and public transportation infrastructure make being active more appealing.


Community health professionals such as general practitioners should promote physical activity to their patients for the prevention and management of disease.

Public Education

Public education campaigns that transmit clear messages about physical activity can reach large populations and increase awareness of the importance of physical activity.

Sport for All

Equitable access to formal and informal sporting opportunities across the lifespan to increase participation in sport will contribute to many of the sustainable development goals.


Workplace-based physical activity programmes which include opportunities to be active embedded throughout the day will have physical, mental, and social benefits, while also reducing absenteeism and burnout.


Offering more than one approach to physical activity promotion is recommended. A joined-up approach to physical activity will have many co-benefits to society beyond health.


Welcome to the ISPAH #8Investments Community Hub

The Community Hub is a community of practice – where everyone, everywhere, can share experiences of promoting physical activity.

The role of the Community Hub is to connect our global community. Sharing real life experiences of creating and designing, implementing, and evaluating, physical activity promotion connected with the 8 investments in the real-world. 

The content of the Community Hub is and will continue to be shaped by you – our global community of academics, policymakers, practitioners, and everyone in between, who are united in enabling a more active world. 

The Eight Investments That Work for Physical Activity document summarises the evidence for each of the 8 investments as well as the benefits of adopting a whole systems approach. The Eight Investments is a call to action for everyone, everywhere to embed physical activity in national and sub-national policies.

The process of implementing these evidence-based actions varies by country and context, and at times can be confusing and challenging. 

Community Hub

Whole-of-School Programmes

Programmes that engage school communities to provide students with multiple physical activity opportunities throughout the day have benefits for academic achievement and classroom behaviour.



The content of the Community Hub has been produced by the authors rather than ISPAH. All features are for the purpose of sharing examples of practice. The content does not represent the views nor endorsement of ISPAH.


ISPAH’s #8Investments Community Hub

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