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New #8investments infographics to support health care professionals with physical activity messaging for their patients

International Society for Physical Activity and Health

New #8investments infographics to support health care professionals with physical activity messaging for their patients

ISPAH has teamed up with the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (UK government) and Sport England to expand the Eight Investments resources.

Healthcare is one of ISPAHs Eight Investments that Work for Physical Activity.

Healthcare professionals (including doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals) have access to a large proportion of the population and are a respected source of health advice. In addition, when people are in a healthcare setting, they typically have heightened concern about their health, and thus may be particularly receptive to health promotion interventions.

We have developed two new infographics to support this investment. The first makes the case for embedding physical activity into the curricula of all health-related training courses. This infographic was recently published in BJSM. The second summarises the steps involved in a physical activity-focused discussion, and can be used as a prompt for health professionals during routine consultations with patients.

We encourage researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to use these infographics to raise awareness of the important role of healthcare in physical activity promotion.

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