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Joint ISPAH-JPAH Webinar: “The Physical Activity Policy to Practice Disconnect” 

Joint ISPAH-JPAH Webinar: “The Physical Activity Policy to Practice Disconnect” 

Are you concerned about the staggering toll of physical inactivity on global health? Do you believe that it’s time to bridge the gap between policies and action? Join us for conversation on “Physical Activity Policy to Practice Disconnect”, a recently published commentary in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health (JPAH; ISPAH’s journal). The commentary is available at and delves into the challenges of translating policy into action. Despite progress, national implementation often falls short. This discussion will explore how to overcome obstacles like strategy implementation, research-practice gaps, scalability issues, and the need to tailor approaches to diverse cultural contexts, along with pragmatic research, partnerships, and multisectoral strategies. Let’s work together to build a world where physical activity isn’t just a policy on paper, but a vibrant reality that enriches lives and enhances health. Register now for this free one-hour webinar and secure your virtual seat at the forefront of a healthier, more active future!  

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