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Elroy Aguiar
2020 -

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IT Systems |
2020 -


Region: The Americas
Affiliation: The University of Alabama
Job Title: Assistant Professor in Exercise Science
Website: Click Here


My research is focused on step-based measurement of physical activity, with a specific emphasis on quantifying the dose-response relationships between step-based physical activity metrics (e.g., steps/day and cadence ([steps/min]) and specific health outcomes for diabetes and cardiometabolic disease, and developing interventions that embrace step-based physical activity prescription. Step-based metrics are a simple and intuitive measure of physical activity; a step is a fundamental unit of human movement. Furthermore, the adoption of step-based metrics by wearable technology companies, e.g., Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, etc., is testament to the fact that they are widely accepted by the general population and are being used to both inform and motivate individuals.


physical activity measure & prescription, cardiometabolic disease


cycling, fishing
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